Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?
What time do the shows start?



We are constantly updating our show times as we get further into summer. Our showtimes depend on when the sun goes down!

What if it rains?

The show will go on! The rain doesn't effect anything on our end. 

Do you accept credit cards?
What if my car battery dies?

In the event that your car battery doesn't hold out, you can ask for help in the Snack Barn. We have a jumper pack that you can use to jump your car.


Are dogs allowed?

Yes! Though dogs need to stay in your car and on a leash when using the bathroom (please clean up after your pups). 

When do you know what
the shows will be?

We negotiate with the film studios on a

weekly basis. Usually we don't know what

we will be playing until 5 days before.

Check here and on our Facebook page

for updates!

You can bring your own food, but you will have to buy a $5 permit from the Ticket Booth. We also prefer that you don't. The Drive In gets very little profit from the ticket sales, and we rely on our profits from the Snack Barn to stay in business. Please, visit our Snack Barn for goodies! We are locally owned and cheaper than big corporations!

How can you keep your ticket prices so low?

You! Our customers. As long as you keep showing up, we'll be here! Recommendations help us tremendously. Please tell your friends how much fun you had at the Drive In! 

Amusement Park Drive In | Billings, MT

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