We ask that vehicles be parked shortest (in the front) to tallest (in the back). We do this to ensure that everyone can see the screen in the best way possible. The cars should park together toward the front, mini vans and smaller SUVs should park in the middle, and large SUVs and pickups should park in the back. There are poles in the lot for cars to park between, and each space should fit two vehicles. We want to ensure that our lot has enough space for everyone, so please be courteous of the rules!

Please be sure to turn off your headlights. It's difficult to see the screen when any lights are on it. Please make sure you know to turn your headlights off before dark while keeping your car radio on. Try putting your park brake on before turning your vehicle on. 


We may ask you to move accordingly.  

Our address: 7335 Mossmain Lane

We are located at 72nd St. west and the east laurel exit.